v.Droevestein's Amon-Ra (Anique)                                                 v.Droevestein's Britannic (Beau)

                    M: Donja Drammy Of Pleasant Priority                                                   M:Donja Drammy Of Pleasant Priority

                            F:Ch Keep In Touch v.h. Borgerbos                                                        F:Ch Lucifer Ragtime Of The Axefield


                                             Shorthair Female                                                                                   Shorthair female


                         v.Droevestein's Amon-Ra (Anique) 6 year's old and v.Droevestein's Britannic (Beau) 5 year's old


                                                                                     Photo's taken on 14 June by Essie







                                                                                          Me with Anique and Beau 04-10-09





                                                                                         Sintbernardkennel v.Droevestein's                                                                


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